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howdy & welcome to my movie collection and review page! it's more review than collection; i don't have a lot of room to keep collection DVD steelbooks/physicals the way i'd like to at the moment, so for now you get reviews! click on the movie titles beneath the posters to read my (short!) thoughts on the filmé in question. consider this my fake ass personal letterboxd (also if you have movie recs, i'd love to hear em) credits heartless pixel by kouenli@dA

scream (1996)
skeet ulrich might be the third sprouse sibling
the batman (2020)
i love you, rbatz, and i will feed you soup
halloween (1978)
it's actually kind of sick how good this movie is. the tension is truly chefs kiss, absolutely no notes
nope (2022)
funny: #forgivegordy, serious: i spent a week turning this movie over in my mind thats how much i love it
i was promised body horror and it did not deliver
by the end of this movie i wanted to kill marlon brando, so i'd say it was good. also, vivien leigh is so so good in this
blow out
the fall
i found this movie so very delightful i'm sorry, thank you tarsem
jackie brown
live/die LA
omg gil grissom is that you
its so easy to forget that jamie foxx is a good actor; then you watch movies like this and its like oh yeah... eat
infernal affairs
there should be an extra .5 star on top of the 3 stars for this i prommy, but tony... love you. you shouldve survived the movie
lots of people didn't get it - i did tho. its about SISTERS and SIBLINGS
saw (2004)
perfect horror movie, no notes. that jigsaw fella might be onto something
saw iv
this movie is so funny & it's not supposed to be. maybe that jigsaw fella has lost his way
saw v
like much better the iv was, maybe that jigsaw fella has gotten his second wind. also i couldve saved agent strahm.
in all seriousness, i had such a blast with this movie. some of the messaging was a bit clunky, but i will always love and root for black people experimenting with genre. also john boyega is a treasure