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about the webmaster

  • name ashton, but ash is a-ok ✌
  • age 30 ( d.o.b. feb 01)
  • pronouns she/her
  • extra aquarius, likes batman
  • mood The current mood of angelribs at

whats up?

hey hi hello, etc ♥ i'm ash and i'm really bad at talking about myself. all you really need to know is i'm a old lady who's been on the internet since she was around ten years old; i've seen a lot, probably more than most - nowadays i just wanna hang out in relaxed, creative spaces and enjoy myself. i like horror movies, rpg games and desserts. in my spare time i like to pretend to be a writer, practice coding and shift through old j-fashion magazines. i also like faux-scrapbooking by way of collecting images on tumblr/pinterest.

about the site

actually signed up for this neocities account in 2019 (december 31, 2019, to be specifiic - the original url was gothamcity) but didn't do anything with it. it sat for exactly four years before this past month (october, 2023) i decided i was finally nostalgic enough for the web of my childhood/teenage years to actually use it for something.

this isn't my first time coding a website, though - when i was a kid (think between the ages of 10 - 17) i used to sign up for geocities and freewebs/webs (RIP to the OGs) domains at a truly incredible rate, all with the goal of making fun little rudimentary sites for my original characters, my fanfics, whatever my little brain could come up with. i remember having a blast then, even though the sites weren't "good" - it didn't matter, they were mine and i was so proud of them 😭 when i think back on those days, i'm overcome with so much fondness, for both the stuff i would create and the little girl doing the creating. & so i decided to pour all that fondness into this place, to try and make something that that little girl would've loved to explore

the only downside, so to speak, is that i'm a wildly indecisive person and the moment i get anything down in writing, i almost immediately want to make changes and adjustments, LMAO. part of my hope in commiting all these design and text choices to web is that i learn to slow down and appreciate my own decision-making instead of almost immediately rushing to change it - though if i'm being honest, every other day i log in to neocities and make some small adjustment or another so who knows how that'll go in the end. but even when i give into my (maybe) least productive impulses, i'm still learning and experimenting, so ultimately it's a net positive, right? right

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