ey there! my name is ashton and this is my tiny corner of the internet, coeurl - named for the recurring enemy type in final fantasy games. building this site has been a labour of both love and nostalgia - i've been coding little webpages since 2004 - though there is a good chunk of time in there where my focus shifted to coding tumblr themes instead. thus this has been an exciting return to my roots, so to speak.

my intentions with this little site are entirely personal and self-indulgent; here you'll find anything from shrines dedicated to some of the different pieces of media that have left a mark on me to fun little side projects i've built to rememeber old skills and learn new ones. in essence, this is just a space for me to explore my creativity and make things far away from social media, its corporatism, and the pressures it (sometimes unintentionally) puts on us all. i hope you enjoy your time here!

a word of warning, i am an adult, and this website will refect that in tone and content. however, anything potentially triggering will be appropriately mentioned!

what is this?

this is version 01 : dearly beloved of coeurl, themed, of course, around kingdom hearts ii for the ps2 - more specifically, around the destiny islands, where sora, kairi and riku begin their journey. felt kinda funny to be building a layout so clearly influenced by summertime in the middle of october, but that sense of adventure & wonder that hits when you load up a new save for the first time was too hard to resist. & once i've been bitten by the inspiration bug, i have (at least try) to follow it through to its natural conclusion! and lo, here we are. all the graphics were made by me, using official game art - that alone was a new experience; i've never been much of a "graphic designer" (and i certainly wouldn't call myself one now) but i wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new. all that considered, i'm honestly very proud of the end result! they're not perfect, but they're a first step in a new direction, which is on-theme for this entire project so here's to new beginnings ♥

oh, and if you're wondering how to pronounce coeurl - your guess is as good as the rest of the final fantasy fandom's HAHA. the general consensus (& the one i agree with as well) is that it's pronounced like curl. to my understanding that particular pronunciation is close to how it would be said in french, but don't quote me on that! i've seen very literal pronunciations like co-earl or more "out there" ones like so-yurl - really, if you wanna make something up based on vibes, i'd say go for it.


since : 12.31.2019
last updated :


  • 29.11 aaand the meta page is done! also included: a small rewrite of an even smaller meta post from my old tumblr
  • 25.11 writing showcase is finished, barring cover photos for the works. will work on those next, then it'll truly be complete
  • 23.11 piecemeal updates; created the template for my fiction uploads, as well as the oc bio template. just need to figure out the best way to present the links to them
  • 12.11 movie shelf is finished ♥ and will i reuse this layout for my other "shelf" pages? yes
  • 09.11 microblog is up! & shrines got a revamp - idk if i'm fully happy w it yet tho
  • 06.11 two shrines are "up" - in the sense that they have layouts but no content lmao... i will get there. slowly


  • everything @_@
  • finish tftwst
  • complete the shrines

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