ere is where i aim to sort and archive all my written works, ranging from fanfiction to original work to essay writing; i also plan to include as much of my old work as possible, largely for my own edification (as in: i want to be able to look back at how my writing has evolved and improved over the years). outside of archival goals, i hope to expand on the mediums through which i tell original stories, and to host the end results here. and, also, and as well: i am definitely one of those people who love to answer questions about their original universes (& characters!), so feel free to ask me about anything if you're curious.

ash vs fiction

y journey with fanfiction as a springboard to writing in general started in 2003 - 2004, on as you might imagine, none of these fics were particularly well-written or, um... good, in the strictest sense of the word 😭 they were all also unfinished, because even as a kid i had no followthrough LMAO. i would get a new idea and immediately need to start writing it, leading to my having many half-finished fanfics laying around. it's sort of sweet looking back at it all: how excited i would get every time i would get hit with a new inspiration bug, my eagerness to share those ideas... it's all very heartwarming to look back on. these half-done fanfics are spread out through a number of accounts i made through the years prior to's ultimate decline, then on far more niche sites like, then much, much later on dreamwidth and tumblr. unfortunately most of these accounts are now lost to time, but fortunately i have found some of the fanfics from them on my old external harddrives - i was never perfect about archiving when i was younger, but something in baby ash's brain had the foresight to save some of her writing as word/richtext files.

most of my fanfiction nowadays exists on my laptop's ssd - i've taken less to posting them online to share and more to writing them simply for my own satisfaction and/or sharing with close friends via discord and the like. i do have active accounts on tumblr and ao3, but my tumblr is primarily for faux-scrapbooking (i.e. images) rather than posting writing. my ao3, on the other hand exists solely as a monument to a "what-if" scenario - as in, "what if" i was a different version of myself, one that felt comfortable with posting my fanfiction online LOL. it exists, but isn't likely to see much movement (hence my not linking it here). i do feel that if i ever become inclined to share fanfiction again, it'll end up being posted to a special page here. other avenues feel far too impersonal and out of my control for the version of myself i am right now.

the world of tenebreux

enebreux is an original universe created between me and two of my closest friends. it originated on an old, old, old forum we all used to frequent as teenagers, and has since spiralled out into its own sprawling sort of thing. much of it is (perpetually) in flux, but its a project very near and dear to my heart. over the years it's been an excellent creative outlet for the three of us and something i'm very proud of. as i previously mentioned, i am always willing to answer questions about tennieverse (the affectionate nickname the three of us have given it), so if you've got any hit me up!

tenebreux is actually the name of a city, located in auvereign, a country in the fictional world of světadíl. it's called tennieverse because we came up with the name of the city before expanding it outwards into a full world LOL. what it lacks in coherent overarching plot it more than makes up for in exploration of different supernatural concepts and tropes - think more sandbox rather than linear storytelling. essentially it's just a way for the three of us to play with our creativity and "explore the space" as they say.

tenebreux updates

tenebreux to-do

  • redo char bios
  • fill in region info
  • make a conlang? maybe?