an ode to the past

f i was to name one thing in specific that reignited my desire to create a website, it would be the idea of slowly, painstakingly creating shrines dedicated to the things i love the most, whether that be media i loved dearly as a kid, media i love dearly now, or hobbies that i find myself sinking a ton of time into. and all of that (plus whatever i felt i could justifiably include) is what you'll find linked here! please, explore and have fun!

original characters?

or me, there are two separate "types" of original characters: there are those based on an existing piece of media/IP, and those completely outside of existing media/IP (i.e. for my original universes). (there's also a third, crossover category, which is sims that are also original characters, but just consider those the same as ocs that exist outside of media/IP.) both are dear to me for different reasons, but of course both function differently in terms of development and "use case" - when it comes to characters created for media/IP, i find fun in trying my best to work inside the constraints of the given world. it forces me to think in more flexible ways within a contained set of rules. conversely with characters created for my own universes, i relish in the freedom it gives me; i get to set the rules and play around and see what works the best for what i have pictured in my head. both sides of this proverbial coin are creatively beneficial to me personally and have contributed immensely to my own creative development over the years!

who still plays the sims?

he short answer is: a lot of people! there's a somewhat thriving community of simmers (sims players) on tumblr, instagram, and twitter - i'm sure tiktok has one as well. the core of all these community spaces, regardless of which socmed site they're on, is to take pictures of your sims, edit them (or not) & post them for other people to see. some simmers also make custom content to share (which is modded content you can use in your game) - but in recent years that's become a bit of a fraught space lol. personally, sims tumblr, or "simblr" as its referred to, was and still is my primary interaction point with the wider sims community; it's a fine place to cut your teeth on when it comes to crafting a simblr "aesthetic" and learning how to pose, take and edit pictures of your sims, but as with most online communities, it can be a bit insular and hard to break into (especially now that tumblr has fallen out of trend as a popular socmed site). still though, there are plenty of simmers still posting their sims, their sim stories, and all types of content theyve created in what (some) would consider an imperfect game. if you're at all interested in getting involved, i would humbly encourage you to do so - even if you don't end up making a tumblr! there's nothing stopping you from posting your sims on your own site, after all.

ships, otps and the like

'll be very honest: as i've gotten older i've noticed i've become less and less of a "shipper" - there's nothing inherently wrong with shipping of course, but as time has passed me by i've found most of my enjoyment in media is found in obsessively dissecting the story and, if it inspires, writing meta about it. that said, i still have some ships i hold dear to my heart, some of which i felt very strongly about when i was a kid, some of which i've discovered now as an adult. i find myself being very particular when it comes to dynamics and versions of these ships, and some of them i only like in very specific circumstances, under very specific relationship structures. and like with most things i enjoy, i have a lot to say about these ships, these structures and how i understand (and feel!) about them in particular. i hope you enjoy rambling, because that's what you're gonna get!